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Cotton-Top Tamarin Cupcakes At Disney's Animal Kingdom

The chefs at Disney World continue to create an impressive array of cupcakes to serve at the various bakeries throughout the Walt Disney World Resort.  For a limited time, Disney World Guests who are exploring Disney's Animal Kingdom may come across this unique cupcake: The Cotton-Top Tamarin Cupcake.

According to Pam Brandon at Disney Parks Blog:
Chef Andreas Born crafted a chocolate mold to cast both white and dark chocolate to create the cotton-top tamarin face. Dark chocolate shavings replicate the miniature monkey’s mane atop a generous dollop of butter cream. The cupcake is rich, dark chocolate.

The delicious sweets are $3.99 at the Coffee Kiosk at the entrance to Discovery Island, just across from the Cotton-top display. They’re also at Kusafiri Bakery and during August, at Rafiki’s Planet Watch, where all the cotton-top tamarin activities are centered.

In case you’re wondering just why there’s a cotton-top tamarin month at Disney’s Animal Kindgom, Aug. 15 is a national holiday in Colombia, South America – the “Day of the Cotton-Top Tamarin” – and Disney is doing its part to help save the endangered species.