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Disney World Food Craving: La Cantina Guacamole & Chips

Many of the special foods from the Walt Disney World Resort that people crave are not the ones from the Signature Restaurants, but rather they come from the food stands and Quick Serving Dining Locations.  These are the treats that people indulge in during each visit and make them regular habits that they look forward to each vacation.  The Guacamole & Chips from La Cantina De San Angel in Epcot certainly qualifies as one of these cravable creations.

La Cantina De San Angel Guacamole & Chips
When you enter the Mexico Pavilion, the redesigned La Cantina De San Angel looks great in the style of an outdoor Cantina.  The Guacamole & Chips may not be what they are known for, but they should be.  The Guacamole is freshly made and along with the salty chips they make a perfect snack to enjoy while walking around Epcot's World Showcase.

All it takes is one time to try this treat and you too will be "Craving It."  It certainly belongs on the list of Disney World Cravable Foods!