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Disney World Food Craving: Portobello Meatball Slider

Not all of the Disney World Foods that people crave are found in the theme parks.  Today's cravable creation is found in Downtown Disney at the Portobello Restaurant.  Here they have created a "Meatball Bar" where you can get a delectable Meatball Slider with your choice of meatball: Spicy pork, beef & veal, or chicken.

This low cost snack/dining option can only be obtained at the Bar Area of Portobello.  You can sit at the bar or they also have some seat yourself tables available in this area.  Where ever you decide to sit, you must try the Meatball Sliders, they are out of this world.  This simple concoction of roll, sauce, meatball and a little Parmesan cheese is wonderful!  Once you try it, you will be hooked and find yourself craving them until your next visit to Disney World.

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