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Disney World Food Craving: Tangierine Cafe Shawarma Platter

When visiting Epcot it is not hard to find yourself craving the multitude of tempting food options as you walk around World Showcase.  Today's Disney World Food Craving takes us to the Morocco Pavilion inside of the Tangierine Cafe where we find their signature menu item: the Shawarma Platter.

Tangierine Cafe - Shawarma Platter
In what may be the best of all of the Epcot World Showcase Quick Service locations, the Tangierine Cafe gives Disney World Guests the opportunity to enjoy a number of classic Moroccan flavors in its signature dish: Shawarma Platter.

The classic Shawarma Platter is served with Lamb, but you have the option to also choose Chicken, or a Lamb & Chicken combination.  Each meat is cooked on the vertical roaster where the meat is shaved off of the outside when it is ready.

Along with your meat, you receive 3 different truly Moroccan sides: Hummus, Tabouleh, and Tangieriene Cafe Couscous Salad.  You will also receive Fresh Moroccan Bread to accompany the meal.

Disney World Food Craving
The Shawarma Platter is one Quick Service meal that you will find yourself craving after your Disney World Vacation is over.  This is a great authentic Moroccan dish for people to acquaint themselves with the cuisine.  Just be careful, because once you try it, you will find yourself craving your return to the Tangierine Cafe to get your next Shawarma Platter.